What a Rush

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    Me and my brother went to our favorite hole august 19(SUNDAY) we left at dusk and got us some of our favorite bait"SHAD" rolled up on the wall right at dark.We had a couple of nibs but it wasn't lookin good for the home team when it happened.........alll !@#%$ broke loose and I had to hang on I was down for the count or up on the fight of my life.Any one who has hooked a biggun knows what I am sayin.It didnt want to come up and when it did all I could do was shake in awe at what I had.I already yelled at my brother to get down to the boat and I knew keep her belly up or we was gonna have problems .It wasn't easy but we landed that mini monster.....the best I have ever done a 23lb flathead "WHAT A RUSH"
    Hopefully next time It might be bigger-I can't wait to do it again
    until then.......to all GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!