What a diference 24 hours can make!

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    got out catfishing on the delaware river saturday night after i saw several large stripers swam right by my dock. figured i would give it a shot for big stripers and some cats. well i landed 7 catfish on cut rock bass and cut eels. fish were biting well and i didnt miss to many till about 11 when bites got alot less common and the few i had were soft mouthing bites that i couldnt set the hook on. all the cats were between 19 and 26 inchs with the largest being 7#.

    then i got out last night and had all kinds of bait, had trout heads, creek chubs and suckers from earlier trout fishing trips this spring, only had a few small bites and lost one striper, then finaly right around 11 when the cats shut off the night before i landed two 18 inch stripers on cut rockbass, around 12 i landed about a 12 inch channel on a hilgremite ment for eels, landed two large eels, then another 9 inch channel.only had two real good bites that could have been ether a large striper or large cat but missed them both.

    i couldnt believe the difference the 24 hours made.
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    Louis - Sounds like some fun fishing!:smile2:Where's the pics!:eek:oooh:


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    The old shoulda been here yesterday and wait till tommorow. LOL! Thanx for sharein and get a camera. LOL!
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    Thanks for the post, man! I might have to get out today, myself - rained out for work... but the feeder creeks outta be runnin at the lake... maybe some good catfishin out there today.