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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by SSgt Fishslayer, Apr 27, 2007.

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    Ok so check this out. Went out last night to stock up on my favorite channel cat baits since i am heading out this evening. went to the new Wal-mart we have out here and they didnt have any chichen livers, and they didnt have any shripm under 8 bucks so i was heartbroken. Well the C.O. (my wife) wanted some popcorn so we went by Fry's on the way home. i was just browsing around and went back to the meat dept. to see if they were getting rid of anything that i may be able to use (shrimp, chicken, misc.). well i happened upon a tub of sliced beef liver for $.59 and a 2 lbs. package of chunked beef heart for $.80. i also grabbed a pack of chicken liver and only spent 2 bucks. cant beat that for a good amount of bait. i will let you all know how it all works out.
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    Chicken hearts are great bait for channel.............have not been able to find them in bulk in years here....... stays on the hook real well, after 2 or 3 hits/catchs, take it off and soak in in the blood with the others and use it again.

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    A couple of fishing Buddies of mind were talking about them using Chicken Hearts before - they said that they did Ok with them too :smile2: - so Good luck to ya & lets us know how it went out there. :cross:

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    Joey. I agree "What a deal". You will want to visit that place quiet often. You might try seasoning some of that meat with garlic salt. Works great.:lol: :big_smile: