Western Missouri/KC Bait Stores List

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  1. MiseryMike

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    Blue Springs
    Looking For Other Bait Store's where i can get live bait,shad sides ect. Boatless and uncoordinated for a castnet <dont need any more headaces> Anyone That Adds A Shop please list location/directions and keep it missouri only please. Platte, Clay, Jackson, Ray and Lafayette counties is what im interested in since those are the places i fish.
    Only two i know is 40 Woods Bait Shop in Blue springs
    And a Trailer up in Harden Missouri on 4th street i think, There are little signs thro out the city that say baitshop with arrows on the telephone poles up there. 210 East To J highway to get to harden btw.
    Thanks Ahead of time to whoever can add to the list :wink:
  2. ozzyso44

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    Smithville, Missouri
    Rogers Sporting Goods, North of 291 hwy, Liberty MO
    - great people, just great - highly recommend you just going there sometime - quite the experience, plan for some time to walk around the store, look around for some awesome sales on equiptment.

    Burton's Bait and Tackle - 169 hwy in Smithville, They have even ordered stuff for me, Gary is full of info for the lake, very nice guy, helpful. Know he has shad sides (frozen).

    Good Luck!

  3. Blade4130

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    Independence MO
    Hey Mike,

    Rogers is a pretty neat place. Never bought bait there as I mostly catch my own. I haven't been there in a loooong time, but there is or was Palmers Bait Store in Richmond. It's on the corner from the stab-a-way or <lol> I mean hide-a-way bar. Catty corner from the little skatepark and next to the depot.
  4. Billy_Mojo

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    there's B&B Bait in the unlikely event that you don't find what you need at Burton's. They're just around the corner Northeast of Casey's. It's a big marine shop, boat storage and mechanic and rental outfit and they got all the same live and refrigerated bait that Burton's has, pretty much the same prices on the bait menu. Being a boat shop they got more in that arena than Burtons. Anything you need for your boat they got it. Oops oh yeah you said you was bank fishin didn't ya.
  5. Angler2007

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    Minnesota Bait and Tackle @ 11th and Minnesota in KCKS