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    11/10/2008 Lake Level 0.61 ft. below full pool (634.39) Surface Temp. Low to Mid. 60's.

    Water Clarity Clear on the main lake - Stained up the Chattahoochee River.

    Fishing is good for all species.
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    11/10/08 Full Pool Lake Level - 635.00. Current Lake Level - 634.39 & Falling. Water Temp. - Middle 60's
    Water Clarity - Clear down in the main lake. Clear up in the creeks. Stained up the Chattahoochee River.
    Generation Schedule for Today - 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time (subject to change)

    LARGEMOUTH BASS / SPOTTED BASS - Good - Largemouth and Spotted Bass are in their fall transition
    pattern. A good way to catch Largemouth this time of year is with small crank baits like Shad Raps and
    1/4 oz. Rattle-Traps. Spinner baits have also been producing good back in the pockets around areas of
    shallow grass and weeds. Spotted Bass are biting good on the main lake. We have been catching a lot
    of nice spots on lightweight Carolina rigged finesse worms. The best color has been watermelon seed.

    STRIPED BASS / HYBRID BASS - Good - Striped, Hybrid and White Bass are biting good down the lake
    on humps, flats and roadbeds and also around areas of standing timber fishing live Shad. Good humps
    and flats to fish are the railroad trestle hump, the flats at the mouths of Wilson Creek, Wehadkee Creek,
    Alligator Creek and Indian Creek and the humps at the mouth of Maple Creek. Striper and Hybrid fishing
    should remain good until the surface temperature drops below 50 degrees. Jigging spoons will produce
    good with the colder water temperatures. Use your electronics to locate the Shad schools and you will
    usually find the game fish close by. Another way to locate fish in the winter is to look for the Sea Gulls.
    They are just starting to show up on West Point Lake and will get more numerous as it gets colder. The
    D.N.R. has been stocking Striped Bass in West Point Lake. The first Striped Bass that were stocked are
    getting up to around 10 or 12 pounds. Please release these small Striped Bass and West Point Lake will
    have some great Striper fishing soon. They should be up to around 13 or 14 pounds by the Spring run!

    CRAPPIE - Good - Night time fishing for Crappie is still good under the bridges using minnows. You can
    catch Crappie under any of the bridges on West Point but the best ones are the 109 bridge, the railroad
    trestle and the Cameron Mill bridge on Yellow Jacket Creek. If you want to avoid the crowds some other
    good bridges are up Wehadkee Creek and the bridge in Maple Creek is good. The most important thing
    about night fishing is good lights. Hydro Glow lights are a great investment if you like to Crappie fish at
    night. They will pull fish away from other lights close by and you will probably catch the most fish. Fish
    with minnows around 10 to 12 feet deep. We have been catching a few trophy size Crappie up to three
    pounds on Threadfin Shad during the day around deep brush piles 18 to 24 feet deep on the main lake.

    CATFISH - Good - Channel and Blue Catfish are biting good at night down in the main lake. Big Flathead
    Catfish up to 35 pounds have been caught upriver. We have been catching lot's of nice Flatheads in the
    10 to 20 pound range with a few going up to 28 pounds. Big Gizzard Shad, Bream, Crappie and Spotted
    Bass are the best baits for catching a big Flathead (Bream, Crappie and Spots must be caught with rods/
    reels to be legal baits). Good places to catch Flatheads are the deep holes from the 219 bridge up to the
    shoals above Franklin (jet boats are required to get above the shoals). Heavy tackle is mandatory if you
    expect to put a big Flathead Catfish in the boat. If you are not familiar with running the river, you should
    go with someone who is. There are a lot of big rocks, stumps and sandbars that can damage your boat!

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    Excellent report Paul. Good luck fishing brother
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    Thanks for the report.:wink: Great job!

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    this has to be the best fishing report that i have ever seen. thank you very much