West Point Lake Flatheads

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    Now that everyone knows about the big Flatheads in the Chattahoochee River above West Point Lake they are getting a lot more fishing pressure. Lately, some guys have been catching loads of big Flatheads on limb lines and trot lines and keeping every fish they catch. I have nothing against anyone keeping a few fish to eat but these guys are keeping hundreds of pounds every weekend. Please help protect our new West Point Flathead fishery and keep only what you need to eat and release the rest.
  2. BassMassey

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    I know exactly how you feel. I've seen the same here on the upper reaches of lake oconee. I've seen them come in at the ramp with their big ice chest full of flatheads and blues from a weekend of setting lines out. They're not breaking any laws so there's not much anyone can do. Catfishing for sport is not very popular in my part of the state. I don't know of a single tackle shop around the lake that even sells a 2 oz sinker, and the biggest hook i can find is a 5 ought at wal-mart. They haven't been in here long, I think as more people realize the trophy poetential of flatheads and blues that peoples attitute and hopefully the laws will eventually change. -bassmassey

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    Guys the same thing happens up here on the Coosa River. The place gets limbhooked, trotlined, and jugged to death. We really need to get some sort of support organized for a 1 over 34 in. rule in GA. TN has the law and I can tell you from fishing there it seems to be making a difference. There are just way more big fish there.
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    Loganville, GA
    You dont have to worry about me keepin to many:0a18:. I dont think I know how to even catch fish anymore:crazy:
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    I have seen them take 300 to 400 pounds out of the river above westpoint a night on trot lines. of just flathead.. theres alot up there but at these rates not for long.