West Point cold weather locations

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    Got my new Bass Pro Shops book in the mail today.Merry Christmas to me lol.I like to look through about every fishing book made.I got the catfish gold book also.Good stuff.Guess everyone has taken a break from fishing have not seen any reports lately.Looks like the Ohio River is going to rise again they are calling for some more rain.(Where in the heck was this all summer)Im still going to go as soon as i can to West Point.Anyone have much luck around West Point give or take a few miles eaither way on the river during the Winter months?Never tried it there during the cold and would like to know as much info as you guys want to dish out like Bait,location,depth etc...Thanks.
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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Marshall, Mike (Ruger 454) and I got out on the Ohio here today in Milton. We did ok with small pieces of fresh cut shad. We were fishing slack water areas along the banks. Vern