Went to the Big Lazer again.

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    I really should have been working, but on Monday, headed out to the Big Lazer about 2:30 pm. Weather was nice but I had no luck at all.

    I mean I fished with minnows, liver (fresh and "aged"), shrimp and worms, nothing. I fished three spots, one is the just down from the camp ground on the left just north of the dam. Then at the dam, then by the deep water fence as you head back to the dock and then at the dock. Nothing.

    I did see bait type fish including several that were dead or swimming upside down. I saw a nice school them that looked in great shape too. In most cases they were about the size of a good shiner from the bait store, but I don't know what kind of fish they were.
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    If all else fails..... use cut mullet,works for me.

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    pat i have a friend that went there last week and did'nt catch but 1 bass,caugt it on chicken liver.they ain't doin nothing at big laser right now,my friend fishes it all the time,i don't like it,but when they do start i'll let you know.he wears them out when they do start.