Went to Cataract this Memorial Day weekend

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    Had a good time. I put in at the Cunot ramp and paddled back to the lower falls. I camped friday night on a sandbar right in front of the falls.
    I had goldfish, shad sides and live bluegill, no flatheads were caught.
    I did catch a few channel cats, although they were small. My carp poles got a heck of a workout, they kept two poles pretty busy, the largest went close to 15 pounds.
    Saturday morning, I took the canoe over by the falls, there was a cut out in the rock cliff on the north side of the falls. The eddy that was formed kept my canoe pushed up against the wall. I caught crappie non stop for almost two hours. The biggest ones were only in the 12 - 13 inch range, but I caught one every cast. If they didnt hit it within a few seconds of it hitting the water, I would "jig" the minnow a couple of times and they were on. It was one of the few times that I got "tired" of catching fish. My hands were sore from holding them to remove the hooks.
    It was about a two paddle back to the falls, I saw many blue herrons, deer, cranes and beaver, one beaver had to go at least 50 - 60 pounds, it was huge.
    I paddled out and got back to the ramp about 5:30 saturday evening, had to go to the bait shop to watch the Busch Race with the guys.
    There have been alot of large flats taken from Cataract, This was my first trip there. It wont be long before I go again.
    You can see a couple of pictures here: http://www.catfish1.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17018