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    Went out today to a little creek i usually get chubs outta today creek was up a foot probably found a HUGE snag and thought what the heck ill try a chunk of chub for a bit and low and behold i landed a 12 in channel cat the look on my face was priceless:crazy: i've never see or ever thought of cats in this creek its probably 10 ft wide and some pools are 5 ft deep in places i must say i found a honey hole i got 4 cats b4 they quite biteing all were between 12 and 15 in but on a light act. rod and 6lb test it was a blast the pool i was fishing was mabey at 40 ft circle with a lotta wood stacked up at the head of it and it susprised me all the fish came outa the fast current nuttion tucked tight to cover all in the open in the fast water sure wish i would have taken the camera but i was just looking to find new bait hole to be honest i have no idea what made me cut a chub for bait but iam glade i did next time i will have camera in hand lol just wanted yall to know............. Now my question to yall is why in the middle of the day were the cats in the open and in fast current ? wouldnt ya think the slack pools would have been where the fish were ?
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    Thanks for the report. Streams are great fun.

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    who knows what they think ,they just seen your chub and got hungry, i know one thing ,i have spent end less hours thinking about all kinds of things about fishing , what i think it boils down to is right time, right bait , for that time that is lol:0a36::0a32::0a35::0a14::0a15::beat_shot::cry: yes at times it drove me CRAZY
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    I love it whin that happens.
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    I would guess that they use the slack water to rest, and feed heavy as dinner comes flying by in the current.
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    You've found our secret. Channels are not a Night-Time only fish. I don't even target them at night anymore unless I put out a cut bait pole while flatheading. Channels will bite all day long.