went out lastnight with no luck.

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by upncomincatfishking, Jul 15, 2009.

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    well me and two of my buddys went out lastnight from 9pm-10:30am and didnt have very much luck had quite a few runs but i think they were all little one or gars. but each of my buddys caught one a 9lb shovel and a 8lb shovel. both all marked up from the spawn so they are done in the river here from wat i can tell. caught a 12-15inch long, longnose gar in the castnet. tried to use it for bait like io heard on the site and had a good run but i didnt have no where near big enough hooks to use it really. but better luck next time. i'm just glad my one buddy terry caught one cause his fish are few and far in between. itfs just good to see him get pumped up. but better luck next timeand i got in trouble with the old lady over it. cause i told her i would only be gone a few hours and ended up gone over 16hours. so today is kiss up day.
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    there's nights like that bro, some nights you'll catch all the fish the other u just sit and watch everyone else catch em. those nights are when I usually catch a buzz at least:smile2:

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    I know what you mean about upsetting the ole lady i'm sure i could count a few times that i've ticked the wife off because of a fishin trip, :smile2: hell if i wasn't married i'd live on the river. Good luck with the butt kissin