Went out in the rain today

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    Wilton Iowa
    I took the day off work seems how we work outdoors, anyway to wet to get in on the job. (new construction) so i put the boat in and put the top up to try and stay dry. not too bad of a day wasn't hardly any other boats to contend with.
    started out fishing a wing dam didn't even get a nibble.. only took me 30 minutes to figure that out. so i heads over to the shoot (blanchard) well the waters a lil low scrapped up the bottom of the boat on the rocks. i hadda shuck off my shoes and pants to get off the rocks. wouldn't ya know it as soon as i got the boat off the rocks here comes a boat here i am in my roos and jumping back in the boat. so i finally make it to the shoot.

    beach the boat to catch some shad (i'm not too good at tossin the net from the boat) a couple casts and waaaa laaa i have some bait. cool so i go to where i know there is a hole. cast out and wait, mean time it starts to rain pretty steady. oh well i have the top up. i caught a couple 2-3 # so i decided to move to the shallows and try it there.
    anchored up and cast out stink and some shad. ended up catching a few more about the same size ended up with 7 keepers 2-3# each.
    Only problem was i hadda get back outta the shoot. hm so i picka diffrent spot. depth finder starts warning me that it's 3 foot and lower.. oh craPppPPppp here we go again. well it wasn't that bad i stopped b4 i got stuck. looked to the left and see another spot i'd like to see how deep it is. head that direction and yippy 4 foot deep. a real narrow channel. now i just have to remember exactly where that channel is. LOL

    Any day of fishing is better than a day at work.
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    That sounds like quite an adventure. I wish I had a top for my boat. I'm thinking about getting one this fall. I like fishing in the rain as long as there's no lightening.