Went fishing yesterday!!!!!

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    Martinsville, Indiana
    Ok so i figured i would take the wife and go out a families member private pond to do a little bass fishing. It was a great day for it, 72 deg. and 15 mph winds. The water temp was at 43 deg. down 6 feet and clear up to ten feet.

    We were having a good time and see was having fun using her new cat pole to throw a little Zoom fulke.:confused2:(it's what see wanted) We had a couple of hits but no fish. I did how ever leave with a new battle wound. I put a 1/2 oz. bass sinker so she could get some distance. Well needless to say she was having trouble being the first time using a spinning reel. After a couple off decent casts she hung it up in a little locus tree. I went over and tried pulling it free to no avail. I knew it was going fun to break the line as i have 30# big game on here reel. I breaced my feet and ran a couple loops of line around the reel seat and gave nice quick jerk. WHACK!!!! I felt the sinker hit me dead center of the calf. A 1/2 oz. bass sinker at about 50mph does not feel the greatest.

    This was the day we had on the lake, and even through i left with a limp it was a great day all the least.

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    better the calf than the shin i guess. i had a similar experience years ago. i was fishing off a bridge one day and get a bite. the bait was in 2ft with a 1/2oz egg sinker on it. the cat ran and i set n missed. that sinker flew back and pinned the top of my finger nail against the reel. i bet the instant tears shot out 10ft into the river!lol
    those are the things we never forget. too bad they werent biting for ya bro. hope you have better luck next time.

  3. catfisherman_eky3

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    Your already getting you some fresh fishing battle wounds lol, I bet that did hurt hopefully that aint a sign what fishing is going to be like this year.
  4. drpepper

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    OUCH! gotta watch wrapping the line around your bare arm too.... I've got a scar that spirals around my arm from doing that.

    I LM bass fished alittle bit Friday and Saturday and tore 'em up, they wouldn't take anything but the white twisty tail jigs I had. They were fairly aggressive taking bait too- and pale from the cold water.
    Biggest ones where deep smaller ones were shallow.

    About the middle or end of next month, I'll be able to nail flatties in the daylight with crappie jigs.
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    congrats on getting out there and fishing!!
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    hey pepper your going to have to show me how you do that