Went fishing with a BOC Brother on the 31st!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by brother hilljack, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    On the morning of the 31st, I met up with Jamie (catfishnewbie08) at Cumberland City boat ramp for a day of catfishing! Conditions were tough with the wind blowing up to 20 MPH, but off we went.

    My "honey hole" produced nothing but a few small bites, so after about 1 hour we moved up the river to try and find a good place to fish. The second hole we tried to fish did not pan out either. The current here was extremely strong and we ended up loosing our anchor!!

    The loss of the anchor dictated were we fished the remainder of the day. We tried to find natural wind breaks were we could tie up to a tree and fish. Worked out pretty good. We caught a total of 5 fish (all less than 5 pounds).

    I wish I could have given Jamie a better fishing experience, but we did not get skunked; which was one of my biggest fears! I really enjoyed talking to him and wish that I had more time to take him out on a more productive trip before I move to Georgia.

    Good luck fishing catfishnewbie08, I hope you get that big one soon.
  2. CuzICan

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    Fayetteville, A
    when are you moving Bro Hilljack?

    Glad ya'll had a great time...we are having the MO gathering again the 3rd weekend in May and I can't WAIT to see all the people that I met last year and meet some others too..

    It is so neat to meet other members and have fun camping and fishing! I can fish this year and I am tickled to death over that.

    I am glad you got to meet this brother and ya'll had a good trip!

  3. rythymroach

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    United States
    Bro going fishing with another BOC member is absolutely the BOMB!
    Regardless of the catch you can feel the real deal of the BOC brotherhood!

    The best fishing I have ever had was with fellow BOC members.

    Some of them have passed on but I treasure the memory of fishing with all of the BOC brothers and sisters I have been fortunate enough to meet!
    one of the best nights I ever experienced was with a BOC brother Named BOB who works with Whistler.
    We were at Pickwick and went out together in his boat got the anchor stuck, lost power to his motor and just sat there and fished . we did not catch nothing but the time here on that water was golden.
    Eventually I believe it was whistler who came along and towed us in!
    Bob taught me a good lesson that night as he cut away his anchor line he tied on a bottle so it would float. He returned the next day and fished the anchor back out of the snag it was in and I was impressed at his solution seeking ability.
    some folks only see problems but guys like Bob use that energy seeking solutions. It has always stuck with me!!
  4. Esox Hunter

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    Birmingham U.K.
    Reps to ya for making the effort.:wink:
  5. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    Reps also from here brother.
    I have met so many members here in California. My wife always amazed I go out all night and fish with folks I never met. I tell her, I know them, they are members of the BOC:smile2:

    Nice going brother!
  6. MRR

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    WTG.It don't matter if you catch any fish .It's the companionship that really counts.I have had the pleasure of fishing with BOC members and always had a good time.
    Sending you REPS for showing another member a good time.
  7. catoon

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    man that brings back memories .tn river at pickwick. water high 4 gates open went to barge tie offs throwed out anchor .grabbed poles went fishing wonder why i was still moving. forgot to tie anchor rope off. lost my anchor lol lmao .been skunked so many times unreal .keep fishing like its a bad habbit cant kick it maybe next time
  8. CountryHart

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    forgot to tie anchor rope off:crazy: Thats good stuff the Catoon. Sounds like some of my voyages.:wink:
  9. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Yep that old anchor got me. Was trying to pull it in, but the current/weight of the boat was more than I could handle. That thing burned right out of my hands!
  10. readingcatfisher

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    Berks coun
    I'm lucky enough to live very close to a Boc brother I fished with him a few times he has given me great advice on gear ,bait ......well everything Lendog Lenny he's a good friend and also a great fisherman!!! I never would have met him if it wasn't for the BOC.We actually already have plans for the spring bite whick I don't think any of us can wait for:eek:oooh: