Went Fishing This Week, But Not For Catfish

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    Went fishing this week a couple times but just not for the usual Catfish.

    Last weekend the river took a pretty big jump around here from the rains the week before. A couple of the local guys got in a pretty hairy situation where they were out Saturday night and what we all dread to happen, did happen to them. In a matter of 1 hour 2 boats sunk 2 brothers fishing in seperate boats with their family's almost had their lives drastically changed. For whatever reason, somebody or something with a higher power was looking over them all and they safely made it to shore.

    When I heard about this, i felt i could help out in the possible recovery of there boats from the section of river I know pretty good. I've got a 997 humminbird on the boat for fishing. Maybe an over priced toy to some, but for this task it came in pretty handy.... so far.

    After the waters came back down to within 2' of normal on Tuesday, I went out after work to see if i couldn't located these 2 gentlemen's boats for possible extraction. I kinda of found more then I was originally looking for. after 4 hours on the water I had 5 pretty good marks of what I thought was sunken boats, with 2 definite visuals. A group of guys went out to a couple of the spots I told them about and confirmed what we had found, but not the boats we were looking for.

    I figured then that I was going to head out again Friday and Saturday if need and we was going to find these boats this weekend. Well after being on the water almost 12 hours. 6 of which were trying to fight very strong currents and eddy's to get the one guys boat. i finally gave up and decided to go look for the other gentlman's boat. After we moved to the other spot 15 minutes into it with the 2 brothers on board with me, we found the 1 brothers boat after getting a 4th mark on it and a much clearer angle and a snapshot I could actually study and confirm.

    After setting up on the marks we were able to make the identification of the boat. Now it was just a matter of getting hooked up and getting the boat pulled from the water and baled out. We were able to get a line on the boat and make a phone call for some more help and in 30 minutes the boat was floating once again. Some damage to the engine cowl, some stuff missing, Did happen to salvage a couple fishing rods. the engine should be ok after a good cleaning.

    Still have one boat to positively identify and get pulled out, but we need some help from mother nature I believe. It's in a pretty tricky spot on the river with a strong swirling eddy type current to deal with. Think if the rains hold off next weekend we'll be pulling another boat.

    Interesting thing here is we started out looking for 2 boats. But we found 5 other boats besides the 2 we originally was looking for and I don't have a clue who they belong to. Not going to risk the safety of others pulling them up until we can find the owners. This all in a roughly 1 mile stretch of water on the upper Potomac. Gotta wonder just how many other boats are in here.

    I put a small slideshow together of some of the snapshots from my 997 of just some of the things that are laying on the bottom of the river.

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    Your expebsive "toy" sure came in handy...great slideshow and good job and the rescue.:cross: hope the next one comes up just as good.

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    Mike, allow me to thank you for going that one step beyond. To me that's what the BOC is all about--caring and sharing and your story is a personification of that attitude. Congrats and keep on keeping on. Stay safe and enjoy the moment.:001: