Went fishing this morning

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    Bartlesville, Oklahoma
    A Bud of mine called Friday night and invited me to go with him to acouple of private lakes that he acess to. This morning around 8:00 it was cold, windy and drizzling rain, we launched his bass boat and started throwing spinners and buzz baits. I normally fish for cats and crappie, but we caught 22 keeper bass in about three hours. I gotta say, even thou the air temp was around the low 40's to the upper 30's, my fingers and body became quite chilled and I was wearing a coat and rain gear. My fingers felt as if they had frozzen off, my buddy thou said it was cold, but he was alright. I have been treated for cancer with chemo and radiation up to recently, I guess this has lowered my tolerance alot. No but no how, I did enjoy fishing with my buddy and catching fish. None of the fish were bragging size, but I did noticed when I cleaned them, they were all females and they had egg sacks. The egg sacks were still firm and not bloody yet. So I figure the catfish might be aliitle ways behind them in developing their eggs. I hope to venture to Copan lake tomorrow and try my luck fishing for catfish and possibly some crappie. I will post tomorrow if I had any luck and if any of the catfish had any eggs.
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    Sounds like a pretty good day there Bob. Private lakes with boat ramps sounds pretty darn nice. Depending on how heavy the rain is tomorrow and if I can drag my son out to the lake in this type of weather I might see you at copan.

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    Sounds like you had a good day. Congrats on the fish.

    I spent 10 hours on the water today on Grand...and will be posting a report and pics tomorrow night.

    Boy was it cold and wet!
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    Sounds like you had a great day fishing. Good luck today at Copan. I too will usually throw out my catfish lines then get a 2nd or 3rd pole to fish for sand bass or crappie. You never know what will be biting - I have alot of luck with kastmasters for sand bass. Last weekend I had 1 line with Danny Kings, 1 line with Rustys, and a 3rd pole with a kastmaster and still didn't get a bite:) but that was ok because it was just a great day to be outside in the blue skies and sunshine.
    I am not too cold tolerant so this weekend took a flint knapping class at Pawnee Bill. You guys are more dedicated getting out in this cold rain.
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    Went fishing yesterday for about ten hours. It was a wet morning but then it went away for a while. But we did manage to catch a few .