Went fishing this morning on the Cedar River

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    Got on the water this morning at 1:00 am. Location linn county cedar river. channel cats were biting on fresh cut shad. A friend and I cought a decent number of channel cats. We fished all different kind of depths. Cat were everywere, shallow and deep. Had a great time. I'm going out again tonight to try it again. I'm looking for 10 pounders does anyone have any ideas were there at. Please help.:cool2:
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    Dont know where to tell ya to go out there. But congrats on the catches and good luck tomorrow brother.

  3. laidbck111

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    their in there you might try a little larger bait. congrats on a good night of fishing.
  4. Longjohn119

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    Try using live bait, shad will work but doesn't stay alive very long, gills are even better .... I caught several 10+ lb channels last year fishing for Flatheads, all but one on either a live gill or shad ..

    When the channels get over the 10 lb range they start feeding on live prey like a flathead .... also if you are catching smaller cats (1 lb and under) move because when the 10+er's move in the smaller cats move out (or become supper)