Went fishing Sat. night

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    My buddy & I went out Sat. night to the Kissimee River, got in the water about 10 P.M.,weaher was a little chilly but nice. The report isn't anything to write home about but it's the best I've done in awhile.

    Here it is ...... 9 Channels,7 caught R&R,2 on jugs, all "eater" size.8 Bowfins all about 2 Lbs, 1 Gar well over 10 Lbs on a jugline & 1 Softshell turtle. I caught EVERYTHING on DK's original punch bait. It was the first time that I've ever caught anything other than a cat on DK's:roll_eyes:

    Well, all in all, nothing was worth taking pictures of but we had a good time & we'll get a couple of good meals:wink:
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