Went fishing on saturday.

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    ahhh what a great day. i live in san diego and i went out fishing with my girlfriend and my cousin on saturday. we went to a local man made fishing lake ( well actually it is seven ) called santee lakes ( we call it skunktee lakes cuz we never catch anything there.).we started out the day with two poles in the water on lake four with macrel on one pole and shrimp on the other. no bites for an hour so went and got my ugly stike and some small hookes to take my girl over to the tullys to catch some blue gill. i thought that would brighten her up a bit. and blam one after another, she was having a lot of fun. so i ran over to my pole with one of the blue gill and hooked it on near the tail. i go back over there with her and forgot the meal worms so i asked her to go back over and get them. about a minute goes by and i hear my cousin go " shes got something " i couldnt believe it so i ditch my flip flops and rush over. thinking " yes shes got a big cat on there i cant wait to see it, she has never caught anything but blue gill!!!!!" when i get over to her and my cousin, i hear my cousin say " look at that cat it is huge!!!!". i turn the corner and it isnt a catfish its a bass!!!!! and for these small man made lakes its a big one. because the lakes are so small they stock them year round with fish and the bass you have to release. the bass was about four and a half pounds. i know that doesnt seem like much, but thats pretty big for these lakes. anyways i was really proud of her. i didnt catch anything but seeing the look in her eyes made it all worth it. :big_smile: :big_smile: :big_smile: :big_smile:
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    Hey Curtis,

    That's what it's all about -"Having Fun"! :0a23:

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shaina:0010:

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    All right Curtis! Good report brother!
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    Outstanding! Way to go Curtis!