went fishing last Weekend.

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    The cats must of been napping because not to much to speak about. Did catch a couple brim that were massive. I really need to ask Bill what he has been feeding them. They are huge! LOL:roll_eyes:
    The highlight of the weekend kind of goes as follows.
    OK Those that know me understand I have an issue with pink duck tape and pink poles.:tounge_out: Well found me a play pole at Walmart that was you guessed it pink and has a couple black flames on it! :cool2:Too cool! :cool2:
    Well DH was rigging me about my pink pole and why would i want to buy that thing blah blah blah.
    Well let me tell ya.......... my hot pink 6 foot play pole earned her right to snuggle with my others.
    See, it was pouring down raining, cloudy, and DH (Raysplay) & I were getting cabin fever. So we packed up our rain coats and headed out to fish for a bit. We have a quick fix around where we live and it has a pier so we figured that would work. Well, DH got his like 8 footer out to fish for cats and me I had the ugly stick and of course my faithful :wink:newbie the hot pink momma.
    All of a sudden DH's Cat pole went flying into the water over the pier ledge and he thought all was lost. Well My Pole was set down around where his fell in so I slowly dragged the botton Praying to catch hold. Yes, That is exactly what I did. :tounge_out:Here comes DH's Cat pole hooked with my hook on my pink pole (Lightweight) and i slowly started dragging it in. You will never believe this but the catfish was still hooked on his line! LOL So I slowly pulled it in. So My hot pink pole saved not only DH's 8 foot catfish pole but i caught the cat too! :roll_eyes:
    DH took a picture of it on his cell phone but i got to figure out how to get it off of the phone and onto the site
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    then you get to claim the fish glen


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    U go Cuz!:big_smile:. I know ray will never hear the end of that one!:smile2:. So , how big was the cat?
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    :angry: It was about 6 to 7lber:crazy: Yes guys true story:tounge_out: This samething happened to me last year:crazy:,same rod :crazy:,same place:crazy:, puppy had lost her rod the week before:eek:oooh: and I was fishing alone:cool2:, went off away from rod rod to catch a few bream for bait and saw my rod bending on the pear :confused2:by the time I got to it "over bored it goes :angry: threw out a snag hook and cought puppys rod :smile2:and my rod :tounge_out: and another that was rusted been there sometime:embarassed: This place has good fish,when there bitting, but its were we playfish is what I call it " catch and release to grow" ONLY!!!