Went Fishing and forgot our fishing poles........

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by okie catfishen, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. okie catfishen

    okie catfishen New Member

    Newcastle, Oklahoma
    Last night my wife and I went fishing at lake purcell in purcell, Ok. She had to run into town, so while she was gone I packed all the fishing gear into the back of the truck. I did not want to put the poles into the truck until the canoe was on top of the truck and tied down so that none of them got broken. I leaned the poles up against our pop up camper until she got back to help me lift the canoe up on the truck. By the time she got back we were in a hurry to get to the lake before it got dark. So she helped me with the canoe we grabed some dr. pepper and coke and left. We drove to the lake (about 40 mins. away) and we stoped by the rest rooms and then as we were pulling up to the lake shore I remember the poles were still at home. I have never been so upset in my life. How do you go fishing without poles!!!! I felt like the biggest dummy in the world. So we had to drive home and then back to the lake an hour and a half later we started fishing with 11 jug lines and 7 poles, after we had fished all night long until 10:00am this morning we only caught 3 channel cat. I guess thats why that call it fishing!!!!

    Better trip next time,
    Newcastle, Ok
  2. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    Are we related? lmao. I have done it too. So don't feel to bad. Now I just keep 4 poles and one tackle box in my truck almost year round.

  3. Dave L

    Dave L New Member

    Been there done that.
    Some times I think we all just need to slow things down a bit. It seems things like that always happen when its hurry, hurry , hurry.
  4. Dreadnaught

    Dreadnaught New Member

    Sounds like you were just going canoeing at first, then you decided to go fishing and went home to get you gear, LOL!!! It was all in the inturpratation, LMAO!!! No harm, no foul!!!
  5. micus

    micus New Member

    Lake St. L
    I keep my Blazer (at least two poles) and boat permanently ready for fishing and camping kinda like a fire truck!:big_smile:
  6. whiteriverbigcats

    whiteriverbigcats New Member

    I keep my poles in my car alot too. but my habit is i always forget the bait.... its always in the frigde efore i go and i try to make it the last thing i grab.. but i always forget it....lol
  7. FishMan

    FishMan New Member

    I like mikes ides...LOL...keeps em ready like a fire truck...good idea

    Hey Keith...kind of like getting in the shower and having no water, oh well at least you caught a few and you had a nice drive...twice
  8. mobowhtr

    mobowhtr Member

    I haven't left my rods on a fishing trip yet (knock on wood) but I have gone hunting and forgot my bow,also left my bow on the roof of my vehicle after a hunt,and never did find it.
  9. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Now thats what I call Wanting to Fish. Run all the way home to get the rods and come back and fish All Night! I'm Inpressed and your Right where you Belong right here at the BOC Cause We are All CRAZY about FISHING!! Rep. Points to you My Friend. J.D.Straka
  10. Dmitri

    Dmitri New Member

    I've done that as well, and I felt just plain stupid!
  11. Gabowman

    Gabowman Member

    Alot of times I'll move alot of stuff out of my boat when I'm gonna rinse it out after several fishing trips. I discovered last night when I got to the boat ramp I had removed one of my bucket holding an anchor. No harm though, had enough rope so all I needed was a rock from the riprap at the boat ramp and was set to go. I was lucky to have the rope.
  12. catfishsteve

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    Omaha, NE
    Sounds like we're related!!

    The other night I went out with my daughter to fish. Forgot until we were almost to the lake that we hadn't bought her a fishing license yet this year. Stopped in at Walmart, can't buy one without her ID, which was at home.:angry: So, we went anyway and she just manned the cameras. Didn't matter much as I didn't catch hardly anything.

    Last month I drove off and left my float tube laying in the parking lot of the lake I fish at. Nice $80.00 move that was, holy crud what a dope I am!

    We all do it, man. This past Spring I left for a pike trip 14 hours away. Scrimped and saved and gathered equipment for almost a year for the trip to catch big pike on a flyrod again. When I got there and unpacked my flyrod, I found I had the butt section to one of my rod's and a tip to the a different rod. They were even different colors for crying out loud!! How did I do that? 500 miles from home, 100 miles from a Walmart or anything and I can't fish.
    Oh well!

    Try it again next week, brother!! I figure when I do stuff like that, it's 'cuz things are too hectic, my brain is fuzzy and it just means I need to fish more often!!
  13. blindfly69

    blindfly69 New Member

    YES!! i was scared to admit it till now lol thanks for letting me say i've gone fishing and forgot my poles
  14. truckin4x4

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    columbus, Ohio
    It's better than losing one to a fish. like me
  15. bigmike

    bigmike New Member

    My boat is a crestliner so I keep it ready to go with all my tackle in it, only because I have done this myself once or twice. Don't feel bad every one does a dumb thing every once and awhile just remember to learn from it that is the key
  16. young catfisherman

    young catfisherman New Member

    it happens to the best of us
  17. Ol Man

    Ol Man New Member

    Were those 3 fish caught on juglines or poles..?:lol:
    Second most popular place to eat breakfast in the U.S.... the car.
  18. Sentry Dog Man

    Sentry Dog Man New Member

    Well, I have never left my fishing rods behind. But, I have managed to leave my tackle box or fishing vest behind, with all the necessities that I needed for a day of fishing.

    I did leave my rifle behind one time when I was going deer hunting. Talk about kicking myself in the butt.
  19. jim

    jim New Member

    Jacksonville NC
    Never left the rods but I have modified a few by making them shorter using various truck parts.The worst case of forgetting is NOT my fault.Keep in mind before I tell you this dark confession that I was born into the military,served 24years in the Army including Vietnam and currently work for the military.I was Elk hunting in Colo with very good and lifelong friends.Opening morning we were scurrying about, up at 11,000 ft,gathering our possesions ,packing daypacks ,making sandwiches etc etc.Finally we were ready to go and I told one of my friends I need to get my rifle out of the case in the truck.I was doing something and he said "I"ll Get it for you".He did and handed it to me and I promptly slung it on my shoulder and headed out.The rifle is a 300 Weatherby.Get to my area and set up overlooking a trail thru a small basin below me.Lean rifle against small aspen and I never actually load a round until I see something .Along come a group of elk strung out on the trail.A decent bull is bringing up the rear and I am grateful to even see elk at all much less 250yds away,unspooked.I reach in my pocket for ammunition and guess what?:eek:oooh: :roll_eyes: :embarassed: :sad2: WRONG!!!!!!! I had ammunition but when I reached for the rifle I discovered that my friend had "forgotten" to put the bolt in it and I hadn't noticed!:embarassed: :crazy: :roll_eyes: :sad2: How dumb can you be to not check your rifle out.I just never thought my friend would not see the bolt was not in it!!!!!I had to hoof it back 4 miles to camp,fetch the bolt and can you guess the outcome.:roll_eyes: RIGHT I never saw another elk.So don't feel bad,at least you had jugs :lol:
  20. Pastor E

    Pastor E New Member

    Beebe AR
    I have been known to slam car door on a rod A friend of mine was going to colo to mule deer hunt they stoped in a rest area to use the bath room leaveing his wife in the back of the van a sleep they got through went back to the van and took leaveing the wife who had got up and went to the ladies bathroom while they were gone finnaly a state troop pulled in the rest area they were 200 miles away be fore they found the van YES THEY ARE STILL MARRED:eek:h: