Went fishin at perry and...

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    went fishing at perry with my buddy we took his bass tracker out was the first time on a boat since i was like 8 and i am 24 now so it was fun as hell went to marrina to marrina no fish then we got to the marrana to pull up and leave but the fish finder was going crazy so we tied off the the rock point were the boob light was 4 the boats we fished 4 like 20 min and then we decided to leave cause ther was a stom moving in we pulled up and tryed to start the boat wount start we started to drift out in big warter past the bouay so while my buddy messed with the engine i was paddleing wind was blowing hard so i barely made it to shore my buddy jumps out i cought my breath then jumped out too we walked the shore 4 20min made it back to the docks then he messed with the engine again wouldnt run so i started swiming it so both of us swam 4 1hour to make it back finally made it started to pour its ass off while i am holding the boat in the warter started hailing on me finally got ready to go we were going to fish the spillway said screw it and back to kc o yeah the whole time his son was crying and being a puss god what a fishing trip! tramratized me lol