went fishin at knox bridge

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    went and took my oldest out for a quick trip to knox bridge and we caught one well he did. he was so x cited i didnt belive he had one on there at first. hes just gettin where he can cast pretty decent so he did it all by himself. he told me he wanted to cast in the bubbles cause thats where the fish are. i told him just cause there is bubbles dont mean there is fish but he was content. sorry if i gloat but this day was well worth it. any way he casts about 15 foot of side of boat and has major slack in his line. in like 2 min no exageration he turns and looks at me and says so sincerly dad i think i got a fish. i laughed and {thinkin it wasnt } told him to real it in then. much to my surprise the pole loads up and heads under the boat!:big_smile: after about 4 min he gets it in . just the excitement from him made my month a great one. just thought id share. i am goin to try and upload a pic but havent had any luck doing that yet but ill try. oh and by the way yes i did get skunked by my son that day . he was top dog. we would have released but the hook went through its eye and really did a bang up job on it so it now resides in my freezer. sry i did plan on a release but couldnt set it free with one eye .

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    Sounds like y'all had a good time, and congrats to your son for puttin' a fish in the boat. I've got skunked by my son before too, and I was fishin' 4 poles to his 1 :eek:oooh:, so I know how you feel, very proud I'm sure :big_smile:.

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    Congrats to him, that is a great story. Good luck to the both of you in the future