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    My son came was in town last evening mostly visiting with a friend of his but, we talked them into going fish with my wife and I.

    We went to the "Old lock 8" location on the Ouchita river. It is where the old dam was located. Now it is just a pile of rock and rubble damming up the river so the new dam and lock would be operational.

    I had thought about checking it out before since I have started trying to catch a bigger fish on rod and reel but haven't until last nite. I have fished there once years ago with my son but have never been back. It's a pretty good drive down a long gravel road and we never caught anything there the first trip that we made so I never gave it another thought.

    We arrived there right before sunset and started getting our gear out to get set up. I looked around and realized they have fixed that place up some. They have put in some camp sites although it has no electric or water the sites are really nice and it's free camping. I'm definately going back there and try my luck at running some lines maybe this fall when it ain't too hot and if I can get my buddy to go with me.

    We didn't make it down to the rock dam to fish where I would have liked to. (I got a sneaky suspicion the big cats are down at the bottom to the dam) There were some folks already down there when we arrived so we just found a nice open spot near the camp grounds that would allow us easy casting without interference from trees or anything.

    We didn't catch any fish to speak of except the small bream we caught to use as bait but we had a nice time sitting around watching our poles and talking.

    At least I found another spot that I can keep trying to catch some good ones at. Can't wait to get back down there with my boat next time and my depth finder so I can really check it out.