Wels Catfish as Table Fare?

Discussion in 'Wels Catfishing' started by redneckdrum, Feb 20, 2006.

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    This is the first time i clicked-on this subject since joining the BOC.I know nothing nothing about Wel's catfishing.My question's are:Are they plentiful? and do they taste like our catfish here in America?
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    The females wels can spray up to 100,000 eggs, some silly majority get to hatch as the nests are protected from carp and silver fish by the males.

    If introduced they are a prolific breeder and an ultimate predator, I think this year will see many European wels going over the 100kg barrier.

    They taste better than Salmon up to 40lbs in weight, I have never eaten a big one because they take such awsome pictures as some of you will agree.

    The smaller ones are numerous and I like shoulder steaks wrapped in foil on the bbq with lemon and wiskey, bit of salt.

    I dont know if they taste like the cats in the States, Paul & Eric will let you know before I do. We tend not to eat any part of the tail unless it is in a soup or stock, the shoulders and back loins are the cleanest meat.

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