Well what the heck?????????

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    What is going on with people now days? I went to the lake this last weekend and i was amazed at people. I was driving thru the camp ground and there was trash everywhere. What is the deal people can't take care of there trash or what i was pissed off because I wasn't raised that way. My daughter was with me and she said " dad why do we pickup all the trash where we camp and it seems like nobody else does" I told her because we aren't going to leave that way " dont you want it to be clean when we come back", she said well yea , ok thats why we clean it up, and i will continue thatI just wished everyone else would do there part.
  2. thecatman

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    Graham, Texas,
    yeah i know what you mean man my best flathead spot is started to get covered in trash and crap just last night i found a few broken rods just tossed to the bank

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    Yeah it always sucks when some omne trashes up a place.What realy sucks when you have a good spot to fish but after people trashing it up the folks that own the place quit letting people fish it.