Well we went back to Lake Calaveras

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  1. el-de-saspamco

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    Went back to Cali on Sunday and didn't do as good, although Kevin caught 2 cats at 1 1/2# and 4 1/2#ers, I just caught a 1 1/2#er. We went way back into the lake on the park side darn near the pwr lines (thats alot of rowing!) but felt safe knowing no one was out there throwing lures at us lol. We heard a lot of splashing in the reeds kindda deep in there where we couldn't see so we made sure to keep our distance thinking 'whatevers in there can probablly swim faster then we can row!' lol
    Am going to start looking for a fish finder even a used one w/instructions.
    B-I-L got skunked this time, really enjoyed Kevin picking on him for once.

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    Hey Rubes, where do you fish on that side? I've only tried @ night w/ my buddy James way in the back in the creek almost and did pretty good, but never tried anywhere else..I need a new fish finder also...lol