Well water pump help?

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    My brother has a creek below his house that he pumps water up the hill from.
    He just installed a new tank/ pump(ventura) but cant get it primed. the new system has the main pipe comin out of the water to 2 pipes, a 1 inch and a 11/4 inch. on the 1 inch pipe he needs some kind of valve i guess which allows a certain amount of air water mixture to prime the pump. does this ring a bell with anyone that can help?
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    Sounds as if he needs to install a foot-valve at the end of the line so it can be primed. A foot_valve is more of a check valve in a way. this way you can fill the line with water from the top of the hill and not just pour it into the creek! Water can come in but, it can't go out!

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    Sounds like he has what is called a Jet pump can be for shallow or deep well what he needs is a Jet Assembly for it I just ordered a Jet Pump and the Jet Valve "Jet Assembly"for it from Northern Tool he should be able to pick one up at a Lowe's, Home Depoe or a big hardware store and of course a Pump Shop.
    From what I understand it recirculats water to keep it primed so that when in a well it keeps the pump primed and time for the water level to recover so as not to run the pump dry.

    I am new to all this but sounds to me he has the wrong pump for the job last year I bought a Transfere Pump for pumping out of the creek and it uses a foot Valve, if you look at them on line they will tell you how far up hill they will pump.

    This is the Jet Assembly I ordered..http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_6970_200332649_200332649
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    Foot valve and jet pump are different animals, just figure out which one and follow the previous instructions.

    The tank will probably have a bladder that needs to be charged with air, to give the pump something to pump against and hold line pressure - keeps the pump from shortcycling against the pressure switch. Switch sees demand when line pressure falls below a preset value (probably 30psig). Switch senses no demand when line pressure reaches a preset value (probably 45 psig). Charge the tank bladder to just under 45psig using a bicycle pump or air compressor on the Schrader valve (same a a tire stem). Don't overpressure, as you will rupture the bladder or worse the tank. If you don;t charge with air, the pressure rise and falls very quickly and the pump cycles on and off during demand - you want the pump to cycle on when you open a faucet, and cycle off when you close it - one time per demand.

    Over time, the air charge will have to be done again (waterlogged), which requires draining the tank and recharging as above.

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    To set a tank up you first need a gauge that you feel is accurate. Cut the power off and dain the tank through a spigot. With an empty tank set the air pressure on the tank 2 pounds below your cut in pressure on switch. If the switch is set at 30 pounds your tank pressure should be 28.
    When you have it set turn the water back on and let it run. WHen the pressure drops to the cut in there should be no hesitation in water pressure.
    A system set up perfectly will never have surging pressure. If there is that hesitation increase the tank pressure a little.
    To set one up to operate effeciently and perfectly takes a little patience sometimes.

    I high recomend what they call a low pressure switch on all well pump applications. It will save a pump a hundred times over.
    Instead of the usual pressure switch, this one has a reset lever on the side.
    If your water pressure ever falls below 25 pounds it will prevent the pressure switch from cutting in. These switches are around 15 bucks and install and wire like the standard switch.
    If your pressure falls below 25 pounds you have a problem and dont want the pump to run.

    My only question is if this is for irrigation purposes you dont even need a pressure tank,gauge, or switch. The only thing its going to do is cycle the pump. There is no need to cycle an irrigation pump. Its more expense and more to go bad.
    Supplying water for a residence would be a totally different application requiring a tank, pressure switch, and gauge.
    For irrigation purposes a simple on/off timer would serve the function needed or either a cord and plug attachment.