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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by lord_zainan, May 10, 2006.

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    It has been raining here all day in Southern Illinois and my trip out to the lake was postponed. Around seven pm, I got tired of it, decided that getting wet hasn't killed me yet, so I went out for my first ever night fishing excursion. I get down to the dam, park, grab my stuff, and walk about an eighth of a mile out on the subimpoundment, get the line in the water, put the jingle-bell and glow-stick on my pole, and despite the sprinkling rain, I am happy. About five minutes later, I hear some rocks shifting about 200 feet or so down the subimpoundment. I figure it is probably a raccoon. A lot of the fishermen here catch a gar or drum and they toss it up on the bank in the rocks instead of throwing them back in. Then I hear a lot of rocks getting bumped around. I know I am the only one out here, and it's to much noise for coons, so I swing my spotlight over that direction and there are seven or eight coyotes out there with me! I grab my tackle box, in one hand and as I'm reaching for my pole getting ready to run like there is no tomorrow, my jingle bell sounds off. I grab the pole and start running with it figuring whatever is on the other end can fend for itself. To make this long story short, I get back to the parking area and have bounced a 2 pound channel along the whole way behind me. Good news for me, I didn't get eaten. Bad news for the cat, he will tomorrow. (Yes, I know coyotes don't normally attack humans, but why take chances?)
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    Sounds like some sort of new extreme catfishfishing. He should taste a little bit better that way.

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    What a great story!! I would love to have seen you running along dragging "god knows what" behind you!!Ha!:lol: And I agree...coyotes are not supposed to attack, but....? Thanks for sharing. I hope your next trip involves more fishing, & less running!! Take care.
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    We have a few coyotes left in our area. We're getting so populated though there taking all the land away. I am very rational(or you could call it CRAZY)person when it comes to animals. I will try anything when it comes to animals if I know its relatively safe. We once had a coyote calling just before dusk about 1/4 to 1/2 mile behind our house. I slowly crept my way out to its call and got within about 100 feet before it spotted me. It took off running after that. That was like 5-6 years ago though. Now just like 3 months ago I almost hit one going 55 on my way home form a friends house. Luckly it stayed on the side of the road just long enough. I saw it run across right after I passed by.

    While snorkling in the ocean(Hawaii) I touched 2 eels who afterwards had a bad tempers. One chased me a short distance in the water. I believe one was a snowflake morey the other a clown morey. Both had huge teeth and a mean disposition.

    Ive been noodling and caught several carp, 1 catfish, and a turtle. Been bite by both catfish and turtles.

    Ive probably caught and/or owned 300 snakes,probably 30 different species. 100 or so turtles, maybe 15 species. If i had the means to take care of one, id have a caimen as a pet, but I wouldnt have a place to put it during the winter.

    I actually get calls from people on my street to come remove mainly snakes but other animals as well from peoples yards, cause everyone knows ill do it :big_smile: .
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    My friend and I were fishing this smal stocked lake on Ft. Hood Tx one night when this raccoon came up and started geting in the minnow bucket after a while it came back and started messing with the stringer and later it came back as my friend was reeling un a channel cat, the con grabed the fish while it was still on the line and it was a great fight for a while . I threw a couple of ble gil we were using for bait aqnd the coon took that instead. SEE YOU ON THE FISHBANK SOMETIME
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    Alex, it sounds like it is time to get yourself a nice little handgun. I dont care much for coyotes and if I see one I usually try to kill it. We are overrun with them here in KY and they aren't even a native species. Vern
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    That is why I am gonna start carrying a pistol with me when I go night fishing! We have plenty of coyotes here, but the big cat sightings have gone way up, thats the last thing I want to deal with is a pissed of cougar. They can and will attack and kill humans!


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    Great story.....glad that you made it out all right.. and welcome to the BOC!!!!
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    Yeah so do i,in my experience them buggers are mean.I was deer hunting once and had one chase me up a tree,after i got up there i thought to myself what the crap am i running for i have a rifle in my hand duh!Well i found out why he was so upset while i was in the tree i looked up and a racoon was on a limb just a few feet above my head looking down at me.Im guessing the coyote thought i was trying to steal breakfast.