well it's canning time again

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    Yesterday the wife and I put up 18 pints of Apricot Jam. and Canned two quarts of Half Apricots for making Cobblers. Today we have made 18 pints of Plumb Jelly. she has a recipe for Apricot chicken that is just out of this world. Hear in the town where we live, the city planted fruitless Plumb trees on both sides of the road as you come in to town, every year we make Jelly out of these little plumbs that are on these fruitless trees. they are not very big but they make the best Plumb jelly I have ever had. I guess we will do some strawberries later on.
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    Pinson, Al
    Sounds great, Ya'll will have some great homemade jam all year. I do
    not know if you have sure-jel in California but if you do check out the
    recipe for blueberry jam on the box. Its a very good also.