Well hunting season is winding up

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    I just posted to say dont overlook islands on the MO river. Some are conservation areas and can only be reached by boat. One such spot is a fav of mine. 200 acres of deer heaven, as far as I know am the only one who hunts it. So dont be afraid to pull out them plat maps and even the ones that are pvt owned, most will let ya hunt em if ya just ask cause they can only be reachede by boat. There is just somthing dif about hunting big islands. Who knows ya might find a wall hanger of a lifetime in one of theses out of the way spots.:wink: Good hunting and be safe.
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    I use to hunt the islands on Beaver lake alot. I like the idea of having the place to yourself.

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    That is a great tip. There are little known places that the masses can not get too. I heard a noted hunting authority say that he doesn't hunt a place on public land if he can walk to it upright from the truck. He said that the best places are only accessed by boat, canoe, crawling, or the use of hip boots. Awesome tip