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    Virginia Wildlife magazine had a 4 page spread on the Catfish Showdown's Kids Fishing day. I personally know the co-founders of the Catfish Showdown tournaments (catfishshowdown.com) and every year for the past 7 years after the 4 tournaments they have, in Sept the end the year with a kids fishing day. 100's of young children attend the event every year and the cost for them is NOTHING. Food and prizes are all donated by local merchants and businesses and from 50/50 and raffles held during the 4 tournaments. I seriously don't believe any child that attends walks out without a smile and some sort of special prize whether he caught a worm on the hook ,bream or a big ole cat and a memory that will last the rest of his or her life.
    I would also like to mention and thank those co-founders on the OUTSTANDING job they have done over the years on the 4 tournaments they organize every year. They average 100 boats each event and people have come from at least 4 states that I know of to participate. 100% pay-outs and no doubt in my mind a few bucks have been come out of there own pockets to make sure a good time is had by all.
    1 more thing, it's held at buggs island lake in Va. and if you look at their site you'll see all the big cats don't come out of the James river. LOL