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Welcome Ohio Members

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Just wanted to start this section off right and welcome all new Ohio members to the BOC. Always great to have ya on here.
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Here we go! Tea has been a member here for 2 hours and already has 200 posts :) . Glad 2 see ya hoss. just think.I i had only 200 or so more posts to be an Emporer. Now i'm back on the bottom again lol :D
What's up y'all. Just wandering around here trying to figure things out. Kind of lost actually. :)
Welcome all new and old Ohio members. I love the format switch. It is so much easier to navigate. It is the same format as many other sites I visit and always hoped BOC would change to this format. You can read all the new messages by date with a click of the mouse and will not have to go to a tree view anymore. Penn, sorry forgot already, Abu is my new user name :)
Dodgeman, would you have me any other way brother?? LMAO Hey, I am going to see Hank the 26 here at Germain Ampitheatre. I need my backstage passes, alright?????

Dave and Abu, great to have ya back on the new board. This is just awesome, but will take some getting used to for sure. Hopefully we can all hook up and fish soon before the weather heads south on us.
Dang Tea...............Did you stay up all night playing the arcade games or what??? :)
Not new but another Ohio member
Arade games?? LMAO, Yeah, I was playing them inbetween poker tournaments, hehehe.

That dang Mark J has that Asteroids locked up though, can not beat that score. Wonder if I can reset that high score somehow, hehehe.
Good to see the Ohio boys are still on here. I thought they were re-formating the BOC to git rid of us. :)
I am also still here. Hope to get a boat in a year or two so I can get out on the ohio river. Yea, everyone all has to start at the bottom now!
Man,this seems a little more in-depth,gonna take some practice and getting used to.Please bare with my mistakes,thanks!
hey all im bryan from the trenton hope the new boc turns out to be as good as the old one and i hope all the memeber transfer over
Hello guys, My name is Shawn and I live in Coshocton. I am a Democrat, but some guys have me enrolled in a 12 step program. I plan to fall off that wagon for sure!
well hello all my buckeye brothers just found my way to this new thing they got going on here in the boc ,so i just wanted to say hey

This is krv1962... changed name when I registered here. (Hope that's ok)
I wanted to have a name more site oriented. :D

Gonna practice the Arcade games, Tea needs some competition. :grin-big:
I made it from the other forum!! I am Slikster over there LOL

Hi Buckeyes!
Howdy<I was new on the old forum,Now Im new on the new forum.Im in Albany,right outside of Athens.Jon's the name fishin is the game!I try to get in where I fit in.Just a good ole country boy,raised down south,but Ohio is home for now.Nice to met yall.hope to talk to you soon. JJ
Hi everyone just got here my name is Travis and i'm located in Orrville Ohio. I'm new to this site and have to say it looks great keep up the good work guys!
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