Weird year fishin.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by just cats, Oct 18, 2006.

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    Probably made my last fishing trip of the year today, got skunked for the third time in a row. This whole year has been tough fishin around here. Can't figure out what the deal is with the fish but I sure haven't been able to find em this year . Spring wasn't bad, not great but did alright. Slowed down a bunch around the first week of July and has steadily gotten worse. The fall bite hasn't materialized at all yet. And the COE has dropped the Missouri river to the point where I almost couldn't launch and/or load my boat yesterday and today. Their predictions say they are going to drop it another foot by this weekend and unless they get some real big rains up river to fill some of the resevoirs then they will not raise it until spring. All the ramps in reasonable driveing distance will be out of water. So if that's the case I guess I'm done for the year , need to go up river and do a rain dance. Sounds like I'm whining,(maybe a little:roll_eyes: ) but what I really posted to say was that in spite of the poor fishin year I had this year, one very good thing happened . I found this place. I've learned so much here in the past few months and next year I know that all this new knowledge is going to help me catch more fish. But more than that I've met some of the nicest people you could hope to meet. Won't embarrass anyone by mentioning names but I feel like I"ve made some new friends here and that's a good feeling. And just overall , aren't the people here just a better bunch than you get on so many similar sites. It's an amazing place where so many people are so willing to help any and all who ask for it. Well that's about it. Just wanted to say it. Thanks to all and good fishin!! Jack

    PS poor fishin or not, I always have a good time , just something about being on the water.