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Discussion in 'Boating' started by smhmc6, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Yesterday I was doing a little work in the garage and I noticed that the underside of my gas tank was wet. So I lifted it up and wiped a little on my finger and smelt it and sure enough it was gas. It was like it was condensing out of it or something. Anybody ever had this happen? I'm 99% sure it didn't have a hole in it before I winterized the boat. I did pour what seafoam I had left into it and its been sitting since mid Sept. None of my gas tanks I use for my lawn mowers have ever done this, is it possible that the seafoam is eating through the plastic???:confused2:
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    A few years ago :0a26:I purchased a new Lowe boat with an internal tank. I kept getting a gas smell. Took it back to dealer then the factory. They had some inferior tanks (plastic) that was seeping through the pores. Replaced the tank. You might have some moisture on the bottom of your tank with the smell of previous loss gas. I have never had a problem of any kind with seafoam.

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    Plastics deteriorate just like anything else and yes gas CAN find a way to seep through it eventually. If you have portable tanks and you have any doubts about it, change it out for a new one. The cost is way less than any possible accident that could happen.
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    nothing last forever.
    keep an eye on it. Be careful of any wiring in that part of boat. Sparks aint good with gas.

    I bought my boat new and had it 15 years. 17' 120J on it. Sold it over a year ago. looked and ran like new.
    All I ever did to motor. Fresh gas and oil, new plugs about 3 times in 15 years.
    rest was grease the cables and stuff for appearance. Replaces O rings in foot of motor once. Right before I sold it.
    never had a problem out of it.
    wish I still had it.
    I aint never use seafome so I cant say one way or the other on that.