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Discussion in 'Boating' started by 1sporticus, May 31, 2007.

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    I had a weird experience yesterday. Mike my son and I was headed up to the dam(lock 19) on the Mississippi and we were tooling right along, and all of a sudden the boat motor quit. I tried to restart, but no such luck, so Mike took us back to the ramp with the trolling motor, and we loaded up and came home. I had visions of a high dollar repair bill, and other horror stories going thru my mind. So when we got home, I took the cowl off, just to see if anything looked funny or maybe fell off, or just anything suspicious looking. When I got around to the left side of the engine I happened to look down and noticed a shiny looking peg that shouldn't have been visable. The fuel line had either come loose and vibrated back, or somebody was playing a bad joke on me. I plugged the line back in, and pump the bulb up, and the motor started and ran good, and is still doing good. I thought I had had about everything happen to me on the river ect, but this was new. The line when it came off caught on the end of the locking pin, it looked at first glance to be in place, when it came off it didn't fall down and it fooled me on the first walk around, it I hadn't been wiggling things and looking for something, I may have had a repair bill. Well happy fishing I'm headed out now. Later Andy
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    you had a lucky escape. The consequences of being without an engine on the big river and/or having fuel in the engine compartment could have been disastrous.
    Everyone take a lesson from this.
    All hoses should have clamps of some kind, even if the ends of the fittings they are on are flared. Zip ties do a good job of securing hoses so this need not be a major expense.
    Reliability is a key part of safety...W

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    Vibration can cause problems. Glad everything turned out ok for you. You will have to add those gas lines to your pre check list. Good Fishing.:lol::smile2:

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    West Virginia
    Driving home from work last week I had the top radiator hose on the truck come loose.
    What happened to the clamp? you got me, never did find it. I can only guess that it broke.
    On the good side I was only a block away from NAPA. Sometimes ya get lucky!

    It's always an adventure.