Weights Closing all the way? Hmmm

Discussion in 'Castnet(s)' started by lilrivercatman, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. lilrivercatman

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    I bought a cheapo 10 ft diameter MONO castnet at my walmart for like 30 bucks...The first throw in the river I get it snagged on a rock and pull it out not very hard...I see there is one line that pulls the weights all together has come untied or broke. I tied it back on where I THINK it goes and now when I pull it together some weights are higher and lower than the others...Will this affect my bait catching?!?!?! I just bought this net and now broke it :( Please help.
  2. MRR

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    Can't help much on that question.When I get one snagged it is behond repair.

    Try going to the BOC Libary I believe there is an Article in there on net repair by Whistler.Check it out.

  3. Dreadnaught

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    The only thing you can do at this point is to replace the broken line so it will be the same length (if it bothers you) or leave it the way it is and continue to use it. I have a few like that and it doesn't effect it that much to me!!!
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    dexter. mo
    most of the wal-mart nets will do that. if you take the line that holds your weights up. get that line, find where it goes in at at the top of the net, there should be a steal clamp it gose in to. you can pull it back out till your net is back . you have to pull hard but it will slide back. after you get it where it goes. take a hammer and pound on that clamp. it should stop sliping like that. had a guy show me that and it has work fine. hope it helps
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    bought a 8 footer from bass pro. took it saturday for the first time. oh yeah it was $66 plus tax. 4th or 5th throw i hang it on a c clamp that my buddy holds his rod holders on with. when i got the net out i said to myself watch that c clamp. i watched it alright i watched it rip a big hole in my net. oh well all i can do is laugh about it now. life is to short.
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    I did that once wouldnt hardly close at all, didnt have a back up or enough bait so I kept throwing it... it kept catching bait. got a spare now