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  1. bigfish

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    how many of you use weigh slings to weigh you fish. or do you just poke threw under bottom lip. i dont think hooking threw the gill is very good. so i go threw the botton lip. never heard of a weigh sling until i saw it mentioned some where on here.
  2. river scum

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    i seen that thread too bud. i dont use any sling myself. i just hook the scale under the bottom row of teeth. it was mentioned in the thread about injuries while holding them by the jaw. i dont think it hurts them any. i have caught a few fish more than ounce,so it didnt hurt them at all. i get pics of anything over 25 and wiegh n release as fast as posible. the cradel would be a better way though i suppose, but its something more to drag along.

  3. MadKater

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    for as long as i can remember my dad has used a cradle net to land and weigh his fish,he used one of them what i call meat market scales{big round dial scales} he use to just use a cradle net he made that was made from a tarp and broom handles i guess they where but i bought him one of them cradle nets for Christmas they use for pike and musky. i weigh my fish like river scum does and i don't think it injures the fish any to hold them like that,but my dad says it he thinks it does so he uses the cradle ,and has since was really young.
  4. Fishgeek

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    Never thought about until now, but when I worked in Mass. with sturgeon we used a short piece (~18" long X 10" wide) of netting with 1/8" - 1/4" mesh. We looped the netting under the fish's belly, behind the pectoral fins, and then put the scale hook through the mesh behind the fish's head. So, the fish hung from the netting & was support by its fins. Worked great, plus we didn't have to hook it under the gill flap. With big cats, there still could be concern with the internal organs since the net method doesn't support the whole body.

    Wish I had a picture...