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    My duaghters have been after me all summer to go camping to Glen Elder. So l;ast weekend off we went. We got to the lake around 3:30 Saturday afternoon and the first order of business was swimming. My 9 year old had a blast, but her older sister dopesn't like lake swimming. Says the waters "yucky". After the swim we went to Cawker City to a little Chicken stand and boy was it a great feed! 8.00 for an all you can eat buffet was hard to beat, and a whole lot easier than firing up the grill.
    After supper it was off to the fishing spot. Things started kind of slow, a small white bass here and there. But just before sundown we really got into the larger white bass and wipers! We must have caught 60-70 whites, and a dozen or so wipers. Kept the 12 biggest whites, and an 8 pound wiper. Now during all of this I have two rods out on the bottom. One with shrimp, and the other with nightcrawlers. Nothing, not even a nibble. My oldest was thrown a half ounce slab spoon for whites when she hooked a monster blue gill.I kept him for bait and after the white bass bite died I cut him up for bait. Cast out and waited. The girls wanted to set up the tent so we headed up the bank and a bell started ringing! Got an 8 lb channel! rebaited and cast back out. Was quiet so went and set up the tent. Got back to the poles and one was bouncing big time. ANother channel that weighed 6 lbs. Rebaited and put the girls to bed, and set uyp my chair by my poles. All was quiet until 5:45 am when a I heard a bill just tinkle a bit. I looked up to see my 8' glowstick bent waaaaay over and line peeling off the reel. After about a 10 minute battle I landed a 16 lb. channel. When the girls woke up they were so excited. What surprised us is that the white bass never got fired up in the morning. We caught 4 crappie on slab spoons and then the fish just quit. And so did we. But the drive home was well worth it with both of the girls saying they want to do it again, and next time they want a catfish rig too!!!
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    Glad you had a good trip. It's nice to have kids willing to stay out all night with you like that. Good job there too!

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    sounds like a great trip, i cant wait till my kids are old enough to really enjoy it,, my oldest is four so she gets bored with it after 5 minutes with no bite, but she does love to pet them when we bring em in:smile2:
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    congrats!! sounded like a good trip!!
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    Thanks for the story John....Sounds like everyone had a good time and caught some fish.
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    That was a really nice weekend trip John. By the sounds of it you all had an awesome time an caught several fish. Congrats an thanks for posting the story.