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    Myself and a fellow fisherman had one of the most relaxing weekends fishing i have had in many a years. The wife had plans with the ladies and my little girl went visiting to my sisiters , so i planned a trip to the river. We launched on the big river on Friday around 630 pm in Vicksburg an headed south for the weekend. Temperature was just right and the water was 60 degrees and farely calm. Other than the ocassional barge. We traveled just south of Latourneau friday night and camped on a sand bar for the night. Saturday we packed up and headed south again taking a slow ride and enjoying the scenery on the river. Didnt have much luck with the fishing but we werent really trying all that much either. We did catch 2 sturgeons about 24 inches, weird looking things. Anyway we continued south and about 430 we were about a mile north of Natchez. We set up camp on a sand bar and kicked back and told a lot of stories/lies (hahaha) and enjoyed the stars. Sunday my father in law drove about 2 hrs to Natchez andpicked us up. Man i tell ya, that had to be the most relaxing time i have had in 20 yrs or so.

    Anyway just thought i would share it with yall and say sometimes you just gotta walk away from it all and relax.....

    P.S. - Now is the time to scout the river, it is so low you can see all the old rock dikes and big snags...
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    Congrats on what sounds like a great trip:smile2:

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    thanks for the report sounds like a great trip