Weekend Outing.

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    Sat.I made a short trip up
    to LaGrange ,Mo. to do a little fishing with Rusty(BOC)member ,his wife and thier son Kevin. We didn't have a whole lot of luck but did have a very enjoyable time just visiting.We got out on the river around 8:30 am and the wind was blowing so darn hard it felt ike we was out on the ocean.Caught a few small ones nothing to really brag about.Then that evening Rusty fried fish ,sliced potatoes and hush puppies that his wife had made from scratch.Sure was good.Jason another (BOC member)from LaGrange came by with his girlfriend and his 2 yr old daughter .We sat around ,drank a couple suds and ate fish and all the goodies.Then they left and Rusty and I went back on the water till about 10:00pm.His wife and Kevin sat on the boat dock and caught all the fish. We never got a one. Rusty had one good run but it spit the hook out on him.Kevin showed me how to throw a net.Think I finally got it figured out.Thanks Kevin really appericate it.So yes Eric(Believer)I can finally throw the darn thing.Went down to the boat dock at Louisiana,Mo and threw it just to see if I could.Guess what got some small Shad in the freezer for bait.Thanks again guys really enjoyed myself.GOD BLESS and STAY SAFE!!