Weekend of April 22nd (Fishing)

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARKANSAS TALK' started by Arkie55, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Arkie55

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    Lets start another thread for this upcoming weekend. Are you fishing? What are your plans? Post results.

    As for me, I have a committment Saturday morning but I may hit the Black River Saturday afternoon. Not sure but I hope to make it out.
  2. TOPS

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    Terry, I will be going out of town this week-end. My wife told me she would like to see our new grand baby before he graduates from high school.:confused: He is on 2 months old:confused: There is a hint that I may be putting my fishing before the grand children:cool: :confused: I had two offers to fish this week-end but will have to turn both down!!:mad: :mad: Mac and Seedtick offered to get me out of the house this week-end!!!:crying: :sad:

    As I have posted on several occasions,that I must rely on my fishing partner and the great friends here from Arkansas, all B.O.C. members,to take me fishing. I have no way to pull my boat due to my injury on the job a year ago, I had to sell my RV and my truck to keep us from starving and becoming homeless. We are coming out of the crises, but not there yet.