Weekend fishing and hunting

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    Well you guessed it, the Mrs. and I are headed back to the Manistee River for a weekend of fun. The early goose season is on and we are going to try to bang a couple for the pan first thing in the morning Saturday. During the day we will be fishing for cats and northern pike. I still haven't figured out how to download photos on this site otherwise there would be a few shots of fish we have caught this summer. I will keep trying though as we did have some nice catches. A friend of mine wants to fish the in front of the dam during the full moon from dark to daylight. I don't know if I can stay awake all that time but I sure want to give it a try as we believe this is where the bigs one hang out.
    Well I hope you all get out and enjoy the beginning of fall seasons. The salmon should be coming into the rivers, the goose season is on, partridge season starts Monday, cats should be bulking up for winter and some really big northerns should be catchable for the same reason, heck there might even be a walleye or two looking to feed. MAN WHAT A BIG TIME!! It sure is great to be healthy and able to be living in Michigan at this time of year.
    Tight lines to all