Week end flathead catfish hunting scenario:

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    It was about 21:30 hrs. and I had been set up in the middle of 2 big tree falls, in about 2-5 feet of water and each extending about 15-20 feet out into the river, with about 20-25 feet of space between them that had various sections of old tree trunks that had drifted in between the other two trees and settled right up against the bank in about a foot of water for about an hour and a half.
    The tree fall upstream from me was basically an old one with a huge trunk (about 15-20” in diameter) and old limbs running from the trunk about 6 foot long, but all of the smaller branches had long since rotted or broken off, but it did have some drift wood caught up in it making it a fairly tight current break.
    The tree fall on the downstream side of me was a more recent tree fall and was pretty full of limbs as well as branches but all the leaves were off of it and it was a bit more open than the other one I described, allowing more current to pass through it.
    I was fishing the upper tree fall with two poles from the down stream side and one pole worked the middle area in about 2 feet of water in front of the old dead tree trunks that lay up against the bank and two poles were set up on the up stream side of the lower tree fall, each baited with very lively hand sized gills.
    The gills that were on the down stream side of the upper tree fall got really nervous for a couple of minutes causing my rod tip to jitter and carry on but never load up and then no more movement from those poles for over an hour.
    Then within less than a couple of minutes after that happened to those poles, the gills that were on the poles on the up stream side of the lower tree fall got very nervous for a couple of minutes causing my rod tip to jitter and carry on as they did on the first rods but again never loading up the rod or even the rod tip and then no more movement from them for over an hour.
    After an hour a waiting and no activity on any of the 4 rods I reeled them in and had no bait left on any of the 4 rods!
    Did I miss something?
    Three were on Gamma circle hooks and a three way rig, the other on a big Kael hook and a Carolina rig. All 4 were hooked about a ¼” to 3/8” deep behind the anal fin, bunch of exposed hook point.
    I hook em’ like this all the time and had never lost bait up to this point.
    Sorry the post is so long I was trying to paint a picture cause I didn’t have a picture of the lay downs.
    Do you have any suggestions about what might have happened to my big ole’ gills?

    I didn’t catch any flatheads this day but I did catch a 19” largemouth bass off a 4” live redeye, on a different tree fall earlier in the day and it was CPR'd. (Picture attached)

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    That sure is an odd one. I don't know what would have made off with all four baits without hooking up. I do know it would drive me crazy, though!

    I guess a lot of things could take the baits, like gar, blue or channel cats, turtles, etc., but generally all of them would at least load the rods a bit. Getting all 4 baits like that sure is strange.

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    sounds like sum wiley gar there, ive had em pick me clean to same way get nervous bait atfter awhile reel it it and its gone, so i think its gar:angry: but u never know:confused2:
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    That aint no Flathead! :big_smile:
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    Sounds like gar my friend.

    They were hitting us last night also, basically same scenario as you described.

    I did manage to light hook one, "Sickle Hook" and got a look at it at the top of the water prior to it, "Self Releasing".. :smile2:


    There,s a few things I dislike in life,one of the few things I really HATE are gar!Dynamite em!They just made thier yearly appearance at a lot of my favorite spots.:sad2:
  7. lendog

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    we don't have any gar in the eastern part of PA, just turtles that like ta do the same thing:wink:
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    Had the same situation, fish would get real nervous and then nothing. I would reel them in and there would be no bait or i would just reel up a head of a gill. I ended up catching one of culprits (4 pound gar). He tasted pretty good though.