Week 6: Primetime Broncos?!

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    Yeah, third game in a row....Denver ends it's Sunday/Monday/Sunday night primetime streak against a divisional foe, the raiders.

    Okay, let's get this rolling now...

    Buffalo @ Detroit - This could be a good game... Detroit has been able to put up a lot of points in some games, but just can't seem to get that big W. McGahee on the other hand, is the AFCs leading rusher and Detroit may have trouble stopping him. Detroit really needs to solidy their D if they want to pull out a win.

    Carolina @ Baltimore - Maybe Denver's Defense is good, or maybe Baltimore's offense is regressing into what it was in past years....almost nothing, but in any case, they could drive, but couldn't get the ball in the End-Zone. While the Ravens were dealt their first loss, the Panthers are finally starting to get things going...they just aren't as dominant as the offseason reports made them out to be. Unless Steve Smith has a season breakout game, I think the Ravens will be able to hold fast, and hey, Carolina doesn't have a Champ Bailey for McNair to throw the ball to in the End-Zone...but they do have people as good as or better than Darrent Williams and Dominique Foxworth. McNair has got to start making better decisions.

    Cincinatti @ Tampa Bay - Can you say... Rout? The Bengals are going to make up for their very poor loss to NE...this is what you call a redemption game.

    Houston @ Dallas - Some say this will be The boys' redemption game...but other analysts say an upset is in order...Well, between Bledsoe and TO that team can't stay together long. David Carr is a great QB behind a bad Oline...but he has a couple receivers who can make plays.

    NYG @ Atlanta - Both are solid NFC teams...Vick is on record again to set a new single season Qb rushing record...but like those past seasons that he was on that course, injury hit him. The Giants will be looking at a win as they try to catch up to the Eagles in the Division and the Falcons will be nipping at the heels of the Saints.

    Eagles @ New Orleans - Oh man...these two games could be very important in deciding the NFC East and South. If Atlanta and Philly wins, then that puts the Saints a game down and the Giants possibly to the back of the pack, but if the Giants and Saints win, then they'll each be up on top of their division, of course, due to a bye week instead of being tied they'd technically be behind the Eagles. I expect Philly to put up a win.

    Seattle @ St Louis - So...who will win the NFC West? This very well could decide it. Will Seattle continue to struggle without Alexander or will Hasselbeck get the passing game in order. What about St Louis? Was that first win really a fluke, or are they riding a wave of success?

    Tennessee @ Washington - Do the Redskins need a second redemption game? If so, this will be it. But don't expect the Titans to roll over after what they did to the Colts. And remember, Washington hasn't been quite up to snuff as of late.

    Kansas City @ Pittsburgh - The Steelers are hurting bad for a win...but I see the Chiefs pulling out top of this one.

    Miami @ NYJ - Ahh...another VERY important divisional game...The Jets are wanting to pull into second place in the division, but if the Dolphins lose this one...their playoff hopes may go down the drain. I don't know if they can pull of another 7 game win streak...and even then, could they win a couple others to get a possible wildcard? Not in this year's AFC.

    San Diego @ San Francisco - The Chargers are hoping they won't have their hands full with the 49ers new and improved offense so they can stay up top in the division, but Frank Gore leads the league in rushing. No matter how the 49ers handle the ball, I doubt that they can stop a stout chargers offensive attack.

    Oakland at Denver - Here's Primetime...Denver has allowed just one TD all season...that was in a prevent defense when they pretty much had the game sealed that allowed Brady to drive with short passes as the clock ran down. Randy Moss won't be able to get around Bailey, and I just don't see this offense going anywhere at all...maybe this will give Shanahan a chance to experiment with that offense. By the Way...Tatum bell is one yard away from tying for 5th in league rushing...and he already had a bye-week...I wonder how things will look after this week.

    Chiacgo @ Arizona - Hello Mr. Leinart, Meet Mr. Manning....And Mr. James...Mr. Urlacher would like to have a word with you...