Week 5: Times they are a changin'

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by Dmitri, Oct 5, 2006.

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    Buffalo at Chicago - Chicago should be able to hold them down and maybe pull out the goose egg. Buffalo hasnt' scored over 20 points yet this year, and going against one of the best defenses, if not the best D in the league? It doens't bode well with Willis McGahee.

    Cleveland at Carolina - The Paperbowl champions finally showed they could beat a decent team...but then again, it's the Saints...and maybe the first 3 weeks were flukes...but anyway, the eastern kentucky river kitties continue their weak early schedule and in the next three weeks when they go against Cinci, Dallas and Baltimore they will be wishing they won more than 2 games in the first 4 weeks. Cleveland always surprises someone in a game or two, but can't always pull it off. Look what they did to Baltimore! Maybe they'll have another good day....

    Detroit at Minnesota - I've got to take Minnesota. The lions even with that new offense just don't have it to win big games. This won't become the shootout that they had with the Rams, but expect the Vikings to start off slow then begin piling on the points in the second quarter and late-game.

    Miami at New England - Remember all of those people who were saying that with Pepp Miami would be a superbowl contender? Yeah, just like those guys that said that with TO, Dallas would be a superbowl contender...They could have something with TO, but Pepp hasn't gotten his roll on once this year. Tom Brady won't have any trouble with the secondary while Dillon and Maroney roll through that line. How many picks will Culpepper throw up this week?

    St. Louis at Green Bay - St Louis is off to a pretty good start, and Favre is reverting back to 05 form. If they could get their D together then that wouldn't put him in situations where he has to sling the ball in order to try and score in a behind situation. With both teams defense and looking at how Detroit threw all over St Louis last week, we very well could have ourselves an offensive shootout of the ages. My pick for highest combined score of the week.

    Tampa Bay at New Orleans - Uhh.....the Buca-whats? Come on Bucs, get your act together! NO should win this handily. Bush will get a receiving TD and maybe even his first rushing touchdown in the NFL.

    Tennessee at Indianapolis - Vince Young......Peyton Manning....Like that commercial...: Maybe you like Peyton Manning's team.....in this situation I think everyone but maybe half of nashville likes Peyton Manning's team. Peyton and Marvin will be FANTASY BEASTS this week. Good luck Tea.

    Washington at N.Y. Giants - Important important important division game for each team. This could be the turning point for which of these two will make a run for the division and which one will sputter and drown. They've got two other strong division teams palying each other, this division will be as close as everyone originally called it.

    Kansas City at Arizona - Damn, LJ finally put up some decent fantasy numbers...and the Chiefs had a shutout against san fran....who thinks they are finally getting things rolling after two losses to two possible playoff teams? Or maybe it was the fact that it wasthe 49ers...that team that used to have a dynasty.... Al Gore: I am the man who used to be the next president...Back in the day they were the team that were going to be the next superbowl champions...but then again you could have said that about many teams at different times, but the fact is, they suck right now and KC took advantage of that. The Chiefs secondary has some great individual players, and if they can work together they'll give Leinart his first career loss.

    N.Y. Jets at Jacksonville - Both teams are off to a great start and even as much as I'd like to see the Jets keep on winning, I'll have to go with the Jags. They've just got more going for them.

    Oakland at San Francisco - Will the Raiders show they don't want that first draft pick? the 49ers came off a hard loss....but then again, Oakland hasn't one a game yet...maybe if they could take advantage of the fact that they have Lamont Jordan and Randy F'ing Moss...

    Dallas at Philadelphia - Can't pick a winner, I just hope that both McNabb and TO have a great day.

    Pittsburgh at San Diego - I like both teams...they both have things going for them...and they both are in what is looking like will be tough divisions. Maybe Ladanian and Gates will make the difference....or maybe that Steelers D will be back in shape and will give the offense the chance to manage the clock....

    Baltimore at Denver - My Game of the Week. This may be a glimpse of the playoffs. They could meet again. I know it is early but right now both of favored by many sports writers to win their division...If Denver wins that will give Cincinatti, and maybe even the Steelers new hope at the division by pulling the Ravens down a game, but then again, if both Baltimore and SD win, then as early as it is, the Ravens have some padded room between them and the Bengals, who have a bye this week, and SD takes what at this time is a huge step above Denver.

    What do ya'll think?
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    Duh Bears by 14.

  3. Rainman4u2

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    I second Bill's motion.

  4. riverwiskers

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    kelly nc
    Bears have the third best offense in scoring and the best defense in points allowed. I wouldnt pick any team over the Bears. Not even my teams.

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    Greenup Co. KY
    Another great run-down.I have to agree with you,esp. on the Denver-Baltimore as game of the week.That should be pretty good!
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    Thanks John. I'll keep doing this as long as I have a computer and football season continues.
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    marion kentucky
    da bears, da bears and da bears.
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    Hey Bill try 37!LOL!!! Damn the Bears looked good and I have Berrian on my fantasy team!:big_smile: I hope they keep steam rolling teams because I have their defense for my fantasy team!:big_smile: Grossman is killing other teams! Go Bears!!!