Wed night James R. report

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by gottafish, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Fished the James last night out of hopewell. Made one set with the gill net and absolutely loaded up on shad. There were certainly plenty available.

    Fishing was slow at our first location with lot of small 1 & 2 lb fish. A couple went into the cooler and the rest went back to grow a little.

    Moved down to the main river channel and found some structure in 60 feet of water and had a 19lb Blue in the boat within 10 minutes. After that we had a couple of other decent fish on but we ended up getting cut off. (No I'm not using the Power Pro yet :rolleyes: ) the current really started ripping and pushing a large amount of trash down river making it very difficult to keep lines in the water. We were also losing our terminal tackle regularly in the structure on the bottom of the river. It must be a barge laying on the bottom.

    Made one more move down river a little bit and managed to boat to more blues - one 15 and one 17. We also had a couple more decent runs but didn't hook up.

    The fish weren't huge, but I'd consider our night a success. I'm already looking forward to getting out again.

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    I might have fished that barge before and what we do is clearly define it on the finder then set up a little to one side or the other.When the trash is running its hard to fish but you had a good night all in all.

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    Any chance you would post the GPS coordinates on the location??

    And then I woke up???