wed day fishing james river

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    went fishing wednesday .. fished from deepwater termindal to presquille .. picked up one fish 20 minutes into the trip at 48lbs around 9am .. all but 3 bites happened before 1030 .. had 3 bites near the end of the trip tho they were not good bites .. no bites between 1030 and 230

    i was thinking the bite was going to be amazing as i caught that one and had 2 other bites in the first spot .. the second place i dropped anchor i had all 3 of my rods threatening to go down and i was sitting there wondering how the heck i was going to reel in 3 fish at the same time .. in the end none of them ever went down .. all bites were short strikes except the 48lber .. you could see their mouth marks 1/4 to 1/2 way up the bait

    bite is still not truly "on" yet .. fish are still finicky but it was a great sign to be getting bites and catching that one in WINTER locations .. they seemed interested just not fully ready to commit to eating yet

    no idea what the water temps are but it was coldest up by the deep water terminal .. it was not quite as cold down near presquille but still alot colder than its been .. around the 295 bridge its still kinda warm especially compared to the other 2 locations