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Muskogee County, 5 miles NW of Webbers Falls, OK
11,600 acres
Shoreline: 175 miles

Webber Falls Reservoir lies about 3 miles upstream from the historic falls, where many steamboat captains were forced to drop anchor and unload goods when water was low. At one time, this area was the most important steamboat landing between Fort Gibson & Fort Smith. Near the upper reaches of the lake is Fort Gibson Stockade, once one of the most important military establishments on the western frontier.
There are 8 recreation areas on the lake and 2 downstream from the dam, all equipped with excellent facilities. The predominant species of fish are catfish, white bass, black bass, crappie, bream, walleye, sauger, striped bass, carp & buffalo. Opportunities are equally as promising for hunters with approximately 3,620 acres of land and 957 acres of water under management by the Department of Wildlife Conservation. Quail and rabbit are the most important species, but islands and natural marsh areas make the area attractive to many waterfowl.
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