Webbers Falls Lake

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  1. tkishkape

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    Gore, Okla
    Today was one for my recordbooks...

    Steve Nolen invited me for a ride on his nice pontoon boat this morning. We met at the ramp at 7:30AM. (Yeah... I hear you... awful early for an old man)

    After searching for a couple of hours, we finally found enough shad and then spent the next two hours hunting bluecat. Four hours after we started, we finally caught the first blue... actually, Steve caught it.

    Four hours later, I had connected with three fish, the largest at 15#, a 10 and one eater.

    steve had a different tale to tell... he boated and released 9 fish that totalled 325 pounds. 8 blues and one channel. His new PB is 65#. He had 2 at 50, 1 at 48, one 35#, a 20#, a 15, a 10# and a 2# channel.

    Check the gallery for pictures. That was one incredible trip!

    Thanks, Steve.
  2. catfishcentral

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    Those are some super looking fish there Albert!!! Congrats to your buddy Steve for catching those hawgs. It's even better seeeing those big blues being caught here in Oklahoma.:big_smile:

  3. FishOnChuck

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    Albert described this day as "one incredible trip". As far as I am concerned, this is a major understatement! We had good weather, good company, good fishing, and a great day on the water -- don't think you can ask for any more than that. Though we got off to a slow start, we stuck with it and were rewarded at the end.

    If you get a chance to spend time on the water with Albert, you need to do it. I had never met him before this trip, but instantly recognized him as a savvy fisherman, great sportsman, and all-around great guy. The world needs a lot more fishermen (and people) like him. By all means, if you get a chance -- wet a line with him.

    A final note: Thanks, Albert, for not mentioning the cast net that I donated to the depths of Webber's Falls. Along with the fishing holes, that one will remain our little secret. I would love to be there when some future fisherman snags it and wonders what went on. If they are a true catfisherman, I'm guessing they will understand.

    Steve Nolen

    HOLD-ACCOUNT New Member

    I looked at those pics! SWEEEEET bluecats. I also noticed the Team Catfish FISH GRIP got put to the test. Thanks for sharing, I will have to go there and catfish sometime, I have never been there.
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    Lawton, Oklahoma
    Looks like you fellas had a real good time, Albert... nice pics!